Frequently Asked Questions

Website Design


A: Step 1, is we do a 30-minute phone interview, after that call, we will send you a list of items to send us. Then it takes us about 4 days to build a first draft of the new site. We will write all of the content, populate the site with custom graphics and pictures. We will send it to you for review and change requests.
A: There is never any cost for changes, even to redesign the site. We will make the changes for you. Just email us or call us with what you need to be done. Most changes are made in 1 to 3 hours during business hours.
A: Ken French will be your main contact, but both Ken and Keri will be on hand to help you with changes, questions, and strategy. We pride ourselves on being very technologically responsive.
A: No, though we were in that business over 10 years ago, we no longer are. You are free to put your business wherever you want. You are free to market and sell whatever products you want. That is none of our business.
A: Yes, you can add whatever portals you want. We are also experts in helping you get these portals. We will handle all the setup work.
A: Yes, the websites are custom-built, so adding videos is easy. We would prefer you put them in YouTube format, but we can help you with that.
A: Yes, we will install Google Analytics on your site. This is a free Google service and will allow you to view statistics whenever you want.
A: Yes, the domain name is the last part of the setup process. Once we do the interview and build out your first draft, it will be easier for us to research domain names available and suggest a few to you to choose from and purchase.


Social Media


A: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
A: We post Monday through Friday to the pages. This means we post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter on Monday. Then post to them again on Tuesday, etc.
A: Yes, of course, we will post each day, think of us as your consistency. But you can post whenever you want. You are the page owner.
A: We offer to consult on this; it is an additional cost. But our goal is to train you how to set up and manage ads yourself, as we feel it's pretty easy. You can learn more at




A: We will email you instructions on how to update your billing method. We certainly understand things happen from time to time and are more than willing to work with you. That being said we expect you to be honest with us and proactive in communicating your situation. If we follow up and never hear from you, we will shut down your account after 14 days, for nonpayment.
A: The website we design and hosting will be turned off. Meaning if someone goes to your website, they will see a blank screen. You will remain the owner of your domain name and can easily switch to a new website provider.
A: You will remain the owner of the pages, we will simply stop posting content to them.